Zefiro Torna

The vocal-instrumental ensemble Zefiro Torna brings to life the cultural heritage from the middle ages, renaissance and baroque in a unique way. The ensemble does not limit itself to a merely historical approach but combines it with other musical traditions, as well as literature, science, philosophy and current art expressions in the field of fine arts, theatre and dance. This results in fascinating pieces of ‘Gesamtkunst’ around a variety of symbolic or allegorical themes.

with Birsen Uçar
::: Mathis Van Cleynenbreugel ::: Jurgen De bruyn ::: Jasmijn Lootens ::: Pak Yan Lau ::: Frederik Croene ::: Roel Das ::: Jean-Lou Caglar
::: SEADS Network 

SOMNIA — Ambient Baroque
with Lore Binon ::: Jasmijn Lootens ::: Jurgen De bruyn ::: SipsnSoda mixologist (optional)

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