Zefiro Torna

Birsen Uçar zang, tekst, gesproken woord ::: Mathis Van Cleynenbreugel tenor, hoorn ::: Jurgen De bruyn romantische gitaar, mandoline, luit, electronics, concept, muzikale leiding ::: Jasmijn Lootens cello, electronics ::: Pak Yan Lau toy pianos/ electronics, trash synths ::: Frederik Croene piano démécanisé ::: Roel Das geluidsingenieur ::: Jean-Lou Caglar lichtdesign::: SEADS Network, Pieter Steyaert installatie

The transdisciplinary performance PAST >I ORALE, a collaboration between Zefiro Torna and SEADS, links Beethoven to the theme of nature versus man, society and science. It is designed as an utopian ecosystem in which humans, micro-organisms and technology enter into a symbiotic relationship. Musical motifs from Beethoven’s famous Sixth ‘Pastoral’ Symphony form the building blocks of new compositions. Songs from the cycle 'An die ferne Geliebte' or fragments from the 5th Cello Sonata mutate and are accompanied by ambient music, sound art, spoken word and alternative pop music.

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