How to blur the boundaries between contemporary Western art music and artistic pop music by the co-creation of intriguing interdisciplinary artistic work?

Initially the intention of this project was to fulfil the shortage in the repertoire for cello and live electronics, which represent a highly physical and sensual entity, an intellectual experience and an immediate connection between the cellist and the live electronics. The artistic research will be embedded in an interdisciplinary context. As an immersive kosmos, the artists will share their disciplines, question the structures of their disciplines and transform it into interdisciplinary artistic work. Through co-creation, the complex creation process of audiovisual performances and compositions will be brought to light. A hypothesis is that the use of visual arts will strengthen innovation within musical composition and performance. The combinations of analogue with digital, acoustic sounds with electronics, will generate a symbiosis of elements from contemporary Western art music and artistic pop music. The audio-visual conversation will question and transform the characteristics and boundaries of performance, film, music, and installations.