Jasmijn Lootens


All forms of art are mainly a form of thinking. 

(Sontag, 1982)

Anger’s Family Tree
MARIS x Haerens x Lootens

Poetry and lyrics by Astrid Haerens.
Compositions by Mariske Broeckmeyer and Jasmijn Lootens.
Vocals and synths by Mariske Broeckmeyer.
Cello and electronics by Jasmijn Lootens.
Spoken word by Astrid Haerens.
Backing vocals on 'Opkomst' by Astrid Haerens and Jasmijn Lootens.
Electric bass on 'Anger's Family Tree' by Maxime Steiner.
Bass clarinet on 'This Language Is A Country' by Maxime Steiner.

Producing by Maris x Haerens x Lootens & Maxime Steiner.
Recording and mixing by Maxime Steiner.
Mastering by Pieter de Wagter at Aquus.
Graphic design by Pauline Scharmann.
Manufactured & distributed by N.E.W.S. distribution.
Executive production by Benny Claeysier for KAAP / W.E.R.F. recors.

released January 19, 2024
W.E.R.F. records 2024

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MARIS x Haerens x Lootens found each other in their shared love of experimental music, improvisation and jazz. They discovered common ground in their artistic work, in their thinking, in their love for art and literature, and started a conversation that has not ceased.

Anger’s Family Tree is an immersive and intimate listening experience that combines Astrid Haerens' poetry with new music by Mariske Broeckmeyer (MARIS) and Jasmijn Lootens.