Jasmijn Lootens


All forms of art are mainly a form of thinking. 

(Sontag, 1982)

FRIDAY 5th of July

18:30 OPEN AIR
Pop-up bar

20:00 BARN
Zemlinsky Trio in d - op.3
Schönberg/Janssen's Verklärte Nacht - op.4

Pop-up bar


  Hoeve Engelendale
Astridlaan 409
8310 Assebroek
At the historic site Engelendale, bODEM discovered a space to unleash their artistry. When the regular concert season concludes, bODEM continues with their own bODEM fESTIVAL on the 5th of July!

For this first edition of the fESTIVAL, Daan Janssens wrote a new arrangement of Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht for the bODEM line-up. The rich harmonies, full melody lines and stormy passages are tailor-made for the members of bODEM. Besides Schönberg, mentor, colleague, friend and brother-in-law Zemlinsky also sounds. Schon wieder - mit Schwung und Wärme!