Jasmijn Lootens


All forms of art are mainly a form of thinking. 

(Sontag, 1982)
OERHERT by MARIS x Haerens x Lootens

Mariske Broeckmeyer ::: voice, synths, composition
Astrid Haerens ::: spoken word, poetry
Jasmijn Lootens ::: cello, electronics, voice, composition

bookings: mik@jazzlab.be
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OERHERT is the musical-literary performance by MARIS x Haerens x Lootens, three artists from different backgrounds who found each other in their shared love of experimental music, improvisation and jazz. Each performance is different, but always a revelation - surprising, thought-provoking and intoxicatingly beautiful. They presented OERHERT during a JazzLab tour in Jan/March 2024 and keep on touring.

Photos by Kelly De Block
                                     Jazz & Mo’ #27, by Jordi De Beule and 
photos by Johan Martens
De Standaard, 22/01/2024, Peter Vantyghem
Album release tour dates January - March 2024