Jasmijn Lootens


All forms of art are mainly a form of thinking. 

(Sontag, 1982)


Niels Hap ::: clarinet
Jasmijn Lootens ::: cello
Ivo Delaere ::: piano

bookings: bodem.music@gmail.com
more info on website bODEM

Introducing bODEM: a talented trio blending clarinet, cello, and piano to bring high-quality chamber music to life. bODEM is infused with music, exudes vitality, and thrives on creative expression, but above all, they like to have a bit of fun! Free from restrictions, they revel in spontaneity on and off stage. They excel in the classics with authenticity and artistry while embracing contemporary perspectives to constantly revitalize their performance practices.

bODEM creates a fertile ground for new music by fostering close collaborations with composers. Recent highlights include a premiere by Daan Janssens with Concertgebouw Brugge, a feature on Janssens' new overview CD released by Etcetera, and an upcoming reworking of Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht.

At the historic site Engelendale, bODEM discovered a space to unleash their artistry. When the regular concert season concludes, bODEM continues with their own bODEM fESTIVAL on the 5th of July!